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Would you want an attorney to represent you in court?


You will absolutely want a buyer’s agent to represent you on one of the biggest investments of your life.

This can be a complicated process. As a buyer’s agent, I have the knowledge and experience to get you through the buying process, and help you negotiate the best terms.

I am here to ensure that the contract is being followed and your rights are being protected.

I am here to ensure that your earnest deposit is safe, and agreed upon repairs (if applicable) are completed.

I am here to guide you and always protect your best interests. We are a team!

Closing costs can vary but typically around 1.5% of the purchase price.

An earnest deposit is the amount of money that you place in escrow when an offer is accepted. You choose this amount on the purchase offer and it show’s how serious you are about this home. The amount offered depends on many factors as well including the market, popularity of the home etc. This amount is case by case.

A Buyer’s Agent can be paid in multiple ways.

  • In most cases, a buyer’s agent is paid out of the seller’s proceeds if the seller has agreed to pay a buyer broker fee. This is a negotiated commission agreed upon between the seller’s agent and the homeowner in the listing agreement.
  • Some agents charge an up front retainer fee and collect a commission.
  • A buyer’s agent can also be paid by the buyer if they wanted to reduce the amount the seller is paying in commission as part of a negotiation. However, this is also extremely rare.