Home Valuation


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A home valuation is a comprehensive report that I create based on similar properties that have sold within the last 3 – 6 months.

Home features, upgrades and the specific location of your home in the neighborhood are all taken into account. This is most commonly known in real estate as a comparative market analysis. A house with similar features on a large corner lot will have a different estimate than a house on a small lot. A house located next to a park or school will have a completely different value than one that is not. There are many factors to consider when formulating an accurate home valuation.

Most home search website such as Zillow and Realtor calculate an automated report based on extremely old sales data without taking into account any specific home features, upgrades, neighborhood location or anything else for that matter.

In fact, most calculations are generated based on an algorithm and estimated values of off market properties. The estimated values these websites calculate are based on their own estimates, based on another algorithm that they’ve completely made up!

So…estimates based on estimates based on estimates! Well that’s certainly not very accurate.

The comprehensive home valuation that I generate is a 50 – 100 page document that includes a neighborhood report, schools report, market conditions and a whole lot more! This is the most accurate way to determine the true value of your home before getting an actual appraisal.

Generating a home valuation takes me at least an hour to perform because I compare every single detail. This is a drawn out process that is precise and accurate! In fact, 99% of the time that I calculate a home value, the appraiser hired by the bank confirms the same value!

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